26 - 29 SEPTEMBER 2019








Jonathan Saavedra

& Clarisa Aragón

Los Totis

Virginia Gómez &

Christian Márquez


Los Totis


13pm - 14.30pm

15pm - 16.30pm

17pm - 18.30pm


Milonga inspired by old milongueros

Milonga inspirée par les vieux milongueros

Turns,lapices & Enrosques 1

Turns, lapices and enrosques I: technique and basic structure

Tours, lapices et enrosques I: technique et structure de base

Turns,lapices & Enrosques 2

Combinations with change of direction.
Combinaisons avec changement de direcion.

Venue for the Classes:

Rue de Carouge 35

1205 Genève


13pm - 14.30pm


15pm - 16.30pm

Maestro's Secrets

Velocity without loosing the harmony

Vitesse sans perdre l'harmonie.

17pm - 18.30pm


Space: variants to create interesting combinations.
Enrosques: variantes pour créer des combinaisons intéressantes.

Clarisa & Jonathan


13pm - 14.30pm

15pm - 16.30pm


Sequences in reduced space. How to take advantage of each space on the dance floor. Séquences dans un espace réduit, comment utiliser à son avantage chaque espace sur la piste.


Complex combination of the different rhythmic interpretations of music.

Combinaisons complexes des différentes interprétations rythmiques de la musique.

17pm - 18.30pm

Venue for the Classes:

Salle Communale

de Plainpalais

Rue de Carouge 52

1205 Genève


Height levels, improvisations and play with circular movements on the space.
Différence de hauteurs, improvisation et jouer avec les mouvements circulaires dans l’espace.


13pm - 14.30pm

Dynamic changes 1

Main fundaments of activation and reaction. Indispensable embrace tools in our style.
Bases des principes "activation et réaction », outils indispensables de l’abrazo dans notre style.

15pm - 16.30pm

Dynamic changes 2

Big contrast in the music, potency and smoothness.

Grand contraste dans la musique, la puissance et la fluidité

17pm - 18.30pm


Milonga lisa and traspié. Important and basic points, rhythm. Milonga lisse et traspie, points basiques et importants, rythme.




Bandonegro 2.jpg

La Rubia

Mehmet Kavas

Sarah Finci



Salle communale de Plainpalais

Whoever you are, wherever you are from.. we look forward to meeting you on the dance floor!

500 m2 wooden dance floor will be available for you, where you can dance "your shoes off"!

Near the Plainpalais plain, the Plainpalais town hall hosts various activities and events.

Located on rue de Carouge, the Plainpalais communal hall. It is frequently reserved for major cultural events supported by the City of Geneva.


Rue de Carouge 52
1205 Genève


Known both as the «smallest of big cities», or the «city of peace», Geneva, among other things, is home to the European headquarters of UNO. The quayside of Lake Geneva, the parks, the old alleyways and smart boutiques are an invitation to a leisurely stroll.

Geneva is linked to Europe's capital cities by its international airport, motorways and railway network. It is the seat of a number of major multinationals, as well as the International Red Cross Committee.

International city

What is so special about Geneva for the Swiss and the rest of the world? The answer is that it has far greater international influence than any other city of 200'000 inhabitants. Today, Switzerland's second largest city is home to around twenty international organisations. The permanent missions of over 160 States represent their governments in the city's international conferences and organisations.

Geneva is a centre focused on the international economy. Whether private corporate or business, finance, in its widest sense, undeniably plays a major economic role in Geneva, which is a base for around a hundred foreign banks.

City of culture

A dynamic, international city like Geneva devotes a large part of its budget to cultural affairs. Supporting creativity in the arts and facilitating public access to culture in all its forms are the principal policy objectives of the Department of Culture and Sport.

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City of Geneva

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