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What we Do?



Tango Festivals, Marathon and Events in Switzerland

Tango Festival


The Tango Festival impresses with its varied programme of events, last year including the top-class orchestra Bandonegro. In addition to seminars and workshops for every level  of tango, the Salle de Plainpalais is open for dancing practically around the clock. We are looking forward to dance Tango again with you on our Tango festivals.

Tango Marathon


We started in 2017 with our first Tango Marathon in the wonderful venue of the city of Geneva Salle communale de Plainpalais. It was May and a very hot day! We had an amazing time. Tango dancing through the hole weekend even with the heat. Tango teacher came to dance with us from all over europe. This was the start of Tic-Tac-Tango-Time. So it was clear we need to repeat the event. Since than we are organizing Tango Marathons in Geneva.

Tango Events


We love to Organize Tango Events together. In Lausanne, Geneva and Zurich we already Organized a variety of Milongas with the Tic-Tac-Team.

Memories From the Tango Festival 2019

Clarisa Aragón and Jonathan Saavedra

Clarisa Aragon and Jonathan Saavedra. Where our teachers of the first Tic-Tac-Tango-Time Festival in Geneva.

They are the Tango de Pista World Champions 2015. It was a pleasure having them with us. We have amazing memories!

They were 17 years old when their eyes met in the milonga and they danced their first tango. There they were aware that what they wanted was to dance together. Then, between rehearsals and performances, love was born, both were overcome by ardour and passion, although both insist that the first intention was always to dance.

"Tango is very particular, there is a lot of contact, but the context takes a back seat because you are going to enjoy it. When you connect one body with the other it is totally energetic, it remains in one if it goes to the background or not", says Clarisa, a young woman with an infinite smile and a dark complexion who does not stop gesturing.

Jonathan complements her: "Tango has to be in between", otherwise it doesn't work.


Virginia Gomez y Christian Marquez "Los Totis"

They started dancing together in 1996. They began training with renowned teachers and gained their first professional experience in 1997. Since then, they have participated in many of the main national and international shows such as Los tangos de la Cábala, Piazzolla Tango, Copes Tango Copes, and O'Tango. In 2002 they started to travel around Europe and Asia for festivals and workshops.


Today they do it in the 5 continents.

We enjoyed having them in our Fesitval and experienced a super professional Tango teachers couple.


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Inbal Meir

Thank you for a wonderful weekend with amazing energies!

Definitely worth the travel from Israel

Walter Nicola

Thanks a lot for good experience!!
Good organization and fantastic location!!

Dirk Schmidt

Great event, great music, great food and wonderful people,
thanks to Tic-Tac team and Tic-Tac dancers!

Michelle Joachim Tango

is feeling happy.

What an absolutely wonderful weekend! Looking forward to the next edition.... Merci beaucoup!!

Johanna Guez

A big thanks to the wonderful staff for your work to make such a nice event! I loved the venue and to be able to dance there was magical! So happy to have spent time there with some good friends, dancers and to be able to enjoy the connexion in the dance... Thanks for make it happen!!!Un abrazo!

Liliana Roberts

Dear Tic Tac team,thank you! For me this was exactly how Tango Marathons should be! Everything I could think of, was there and more:-)! The venue is beautiful with the decent floor!!! And music...always difficult to satisfy all ears,on Sunday was just perfect! Food was delicious, always plenty of water and snacks and more!!! Wonderful dancers! And you guys are fantastic! Love you all

Nerual Lars

Bravo aux organisateurs et helpers du festival Tic tac tango festival qui ont transmis une belle énergie! Merci pour l’invitation de tels maestros qui m’ont coupé le souffle !! Merci pour ces tandas magiques Vivement le prochain événement Tic tac

Martina Haase

thanks for tic tac time and the good organization.

I loved the venue and to be able to dance there,

the wonderful dancers, the embraces, the good music,

relaxing with a great foot massage

Thanks for this addictive weekend.

Onur Ozgur

Tic tac tic tac... How long until the next one? Love you all guys!

Ramazan Toktay

Istanbul, Turkey

Thank you dears! You did a great great job. We fell in love the hospitality that you showed, the treats that you prepared, the atmosphere that you created. It was wonderful and very well organized first edition. I believe that you will rock next year again!

It was a big pleasure to be a part of Tic-Tac and spend time with all of you. Hope to see you somewhere soon.

Gianluca Zeccardo

Thank you guys for your fantastic hospitality. It was really a pleasure for me to be part of this beautifully organized event. I saw you always smiling putting your hearths in this tango oasis, just in the music festival week end, a very nice coincidence! I hope in a second edition. Un abbraccio a tutti

Paola Zaccaria

Thank you to the organisers and the staff - great job and lovely venue! Thank you to every person who welcomed me the first time we met on Friday night! Thank you for the beautiful tandas! Thank you for every nice talk, the laughing and the smiles throughout the weekend!